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Multicultural fiesta in Bordeaux

The stay in Bordeaux has been crowned with multicultural celebration devoted the integration of migrants into society. Seven European countries brought their traditional food, prepared national song, play or dance to be introduced during the fiesta. Every partner was given place and table to expose their products. The teachers and students placed their content on the tables which stood under flags representing the country. The Swedes laid their herring and other maritime products; the Germans presented their sausages; the Italians – their dairy products and special dish made of corn; the Portuguese teachers dressed in national costumes served bread, vine, sausages and cheese; the Hungarians brought their paprika with salami and the Lithuanians were proud of their ray bread with white fresh cheese including the cake “Sakotis”. The French school invited the parents of their pupils, teachers who walked from table to table tasting delicious food. There prevailed a joyful atmosphere in the spacious school yard. People laughed, tasted and praised the food. Many tasters asked for recipes, some frowned their faces by tasting not useful things – but all smiled anyway. When the united choir of French and foreign students started singing the European hymn ODE TO JOY nobody remained indifferent. The participants will keep in their mind that wonderful mood of being together for long time. The performances of project partners were met with thunderous applause. The students and teachers appeared very inventive because everybody wanted to show the best of their countries. The French coordinator Franck Curely confessed that the event has passed very successfully, it brought life to the school routine. Everybody felt warmth in their hearts and the participants didn’t want to leave the fiesta after it finished. Students hugged each other and stayed in small groups sharing their emotions about the evening. We all thank the European projects giving us this great possibility to feel part of Europe.