Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
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Sweden – a refugee friendly country is experienced among other European countries concerning migrants and refugees. Stromstad gymnasium organised the III Erasmus plus project meeting- workshop. The main attention was focused on the role play and students’ presentations related to political attitude towards migrants and refugees in our countries. The participating project partners had to prepare visual material about political attitude towards migration in their countries and this information was supposed to support the role play. The presentations showed and convinced how creative all partners are: they introduced their compelled information clearly, lively, artistically, informatively. Lithuania having a very few refugees has to deal with their unsatisfaction and leaving the country but tries its best to integrate refugees. Pessimistic about the integration sounded the presentation of Hungary as well. Germany, France and Italy have huge streams of refugees and migrants. They apply appropriate procedures to registrate and investigate refugee applications. These countries are able to receive the migrants and to integrate them after particular time. It was interesting to follow German animation. The Portuguese presentation was a very artistic one which was needed to lift our spirits and to get touched emotionally. The hosts Swedish chose to let to speak one refugee girl about her family flight to Europe and real integration. It was useful to listen to a employee from the town municipality about Swedish politics concerning refugees. The role play was supposed to take place during 3 days. The goal of this role play was to try to simulate the representatives from all European countries and inspire them to deal with certain migration problems debating with each other, giving advice or disaproval, taking decisions. According to the participants it was a very good practice and learning. The topic MIGRATION became very understandible. The first step towards practical implementation of our project has been done. In the next project meetings there will be task to observe and carry out the practical activities of our project WE PROMOTE INTEGRATION. Swedish partners introduced their town and surroundings taking the partners to Coster island, Carvings on rocks from the Bronze age and stone ship. We saw the tipical Swedish landscape and Scandinavian calmness looking at stones marking the graves, simple carvings on the rocks and the town Stromstad which will burst of tourists’ stream in July.

Next meeting takes place in Budapest.

Lithuanian project coordinator Meilute Balbieriute