Refugee camps in Hungary

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Immigration politics

Before 2014- the years when a lot of immigrants became homeless

They got less than a 100 euros as a support,but as an exchange they had to take Hungarian classes, minimum 70% of them, where they learned the language. It was a low level of teaching.If the immigrants did not show up for the minimum 70%, they would refuse to support.
People, who could and who could not read or write, studied in the same class.

After 2014

If they became an official refugee, they had to stay in a refugge camp for 2 months. Before that,it was 6 months.
They had to sign the integration agreemet with the Immigration and Asylom Office.Therefore,they can stay in Hungary and get 290 euros/ month.
They would lower this price with 75 euros every 6 months for 2 years. After the 2 months they can stay at the Hungarian Reformed Church or at Hungarian Baptist Aid.
Altough, other refugees have to find their own accomodation.

Education for kids

There is no testing for the level of knowledge.
There are too many students in one class.
There are not enough teachers or equipments.
They only got paid by grants which causes the low quality of the lessons.
Their datas are wrong or usually don't even have them.
Their classes are usually later so they get home really late so they don't get any social life.They can't hang out with other Hungarian students,so the don't get to know the culture.
There is no connection between the school and the refugees' parents,so they don't know how well their child is doing at school.


Usually,only the civil organisations help the refugees and the schools. The schools hould have more level tests, so they know the level of their knowledge.

It makes learning even harder that the entrance exams are only in Hungarian. The age when they can legally leave the school is only 16 in Hungary so a lot of students can easily drop out of school.

The goal is that refugees should not live from the supports that they get, they shoul make their own career, and money and live from it.So they can be free, and live their own life.