This document has been prepared for the European Commission however it reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Our project activities are gradually  entering  their final events. There in Panevezys we have presented our booklet with methodic recommendations how to improve the integration of migrants into local society and another work has been done to prepare video or slide show about practical involvement of students into integration activity of socially isolated persons.

The project partners (students) have been received of Lithuanian families during the weekend so we could start our work early in on Monday. The guests enjoyed the welcome concert prepared by theater teacher of our gymnasium Alina Bardauskiene and visited the Art gallery of our town.

The first presentations of the booklet showed how much work all partners put into it. French, German and Italian participants because of the huge amount of refugees in their schools collected many examples with images how  to teach their language better. Portuguese pupils made a very artistic movie with real persons about understanding problems between locals and immigrants. Lithuanians and Hungarians do not have so many immigrants so their presentations  were based on general advice how to make the integration of migrants more pleasant. All presentations are on the website but it was decided before to make paper version in each native language for school communities to use. This experience has been made through the project activities and it must be in use.

Another interesting activity about learning language happened on Wednesday where we invited our partners to a theater performance in Lithuanian language “Karlsson who lives on the roof”. The language of the actors surpassed our expectations and our partners have learned some Lithuanian words which they continued to repeat during next days of their stay in Lithuania. After the performance  in the afternoon there was carried out discussion which has been moderated by Lithuanian students and English teacher Egle. The coordinating teachers met in another room to speak about next  and final meeting in Bordeaux. We had to accept that all planned activities have been fulfilled and all partners appeared  very disciplined ref. given tasks. It is always easy to work when the participants respond on time and discuss needed issues.

In conclusion we have to state that our long  term project team is working coherent and we listen to each other in order to benefit of our experience. The results of the Panevezys meeting will be disseminated in every participating school community in the native language. We have noticed that native language is much more reliable to spread our achievements. It seems that English is well known but  native languages win more readers and listeners.

Saying GOOD BYE to Lithuania and meet all in France!

Lithuanian coordinator Meilute Balbieriute