“We promote integration” so called international project  joints 7 European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden, Hungary and Portugal). The project partners are experienced and have known each other  from other  projects. The main coordinator is German Marian Gymnasium in Warendorf.

The project participants are going to analyse their situation in school referring migrants and refugees, to introduce to other partners and to find integration ways and methods by different activities,workshops and discussions. The situation of migrants and refugees is very different in the project participating schools: French, Swedish, Portugeese  and German schools have many immigrants and applied methods to integrate the students into community while Lithuanian, Hugarian and Italian schools have a few immigrants but many families emigrated to other  European countries.

The project  deals with information about the current situation of migrants and refugees in schools, exchanging  experience how to integrate better the migrant  pupils into school life; work with the families and other helping organisations. Teachers and students are going to participate in workshops during every project mobility. Every workshop should  result  in some useful advice how to make the integration of migrants more effective.

The website will document the work done by teachers and pupils and help disseminate it among partners and other schools. 

Collège Aliénor d'Aquitaine

Collecting information about the current situation to be presented in Portugal as an interview with migrants; preparation of pictures “Faces of migrants”; marking on the map origin countries of migrant families.